As MGM Sportif Urunler we manufacture and supply flint lighters, electronic lighters, watches, lighters, keychains, porcelain products, glass products, sports fan products, promotional products, giftwares, watch, lighter, keychain, porcelain product, glass product, sports fan product, promotional product, giftware, wristwatches, canvas clocks, table clocks, mugs, glasses, wall clocks, wristwatch, canvas clock, table clock, mug, glass, wall clock, sports fan watches, sports fan lighters, sports fan keychains, sports fan porcelain products, sports fan glass products, sports fan promotional products, sports fan giftwares, sports fan watch, sports fan lighter, sports fan keychain, sports fan porcelain product, sports fan glass product, sports fan promotional product, sports fan giftware, sports fan wristwatches, sports fan canvas clocks, sports fan table clocks, sports fan mugs, sports fan glasses, sports fan wall clocks, sports fan wristwatch, sports fan canvas clock... MGM Sportif Urunler Ltd Sti is an international group which specialized in the production and development of flame plastic lighters. The manufacturing plant covers an area of 6.000 SQM that was constructed and passed the all international safety guidance of manufacturing gas lighters. Today, many different types of lighters produced under “Toscow, YMN, i-lighter” brands are being sold to all over the world, thanks to automation production systems and high talented production staff. Our policy is to reach international realiable potential customers that would forward our brands name to further steps and reach to every end user customer with hundred percentage customer satisfaction.

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